What is your return policy?

We have a 30day money back gaurantee returnpolicy if you purchased the complete set. Due to Covid-19 concenrs we are unable to accept return on accessories, replacement filters, and masks. To initiate a return, simply fill the contact fom on the right on this page.

What shipping options are available?

Since SimplyFresh is equipped with a Lithium battery, we have to ship the product with ground shipping by regulations. Thefore, we are unable to offer expedited or overnight deliveries. However, our distributor has warehouses throughout the US and northern America, and you are guaranteed to receive your order very quickly.

How can I charge SimplyFresh and how long does it take?

Simply plug in the power adaptor into a power plug and connect the other end to power plug on the blower module. Fully charging the blower takes about 4 hours, however, after 3 hours the blower is more than 95% charged. The LEDs on the blower show what is the current charge progress, 25%, 50, 75%, and 100%, respectivly.

How to maintain the blower module?

Please keep the tube and the mask sanitary. Feel free to wash them with warm water if necesary. Please replace the filters on regualr intervals to keep the dust out of the blower, and the air quality you breath high, as you see fit.



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